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Configure AxAuth IDP for End-User Applications


The AxAuth IDP is a managed ID Provider supported by Mosaic User Service. AxAuth serves the special purpose of maintaining a standalone user store for an end-user application. If the end-user application intends to give a user sign up feature, in addition to enabling authentication from known IDPs, the developers can use AxAuth to deliver this functionality.

This article describes how a User Store in AxAuth can be configured to be used in the User Service.

Enabling required services

Configuring AxAuth IDP for end-user application user management requires the Mosaic environment to have both AxAuth and User services enabled.

environment enabled services
Figure 1. Enabled Services in the Environment

Configuring an AxAuth User Store

After the environment has AxAuth service enabled, User Stores can be configured in the AxAuth Service configuration station of the environment.

axauth service config
Figure 2. AxAuth Service Configuration

Click on User Stores button. It will navigate you to the User Stores explorer station. There will be two (Default) User Stores already created during the service enabling operation. We can select the (Default) End-Users store and go to details of it.

user store explorer
Figure 3. User Stores explorer

In the User Store details (of the End-User user store), the User Sign up Webhook & Forgot Password Webhook shall be configured for these features to be usable in the real world. If they are not configured yet, a warning message will be displayed to do so.