Build captivating video platform without hassle

Video Platform

Set up OTT, VOD, or live video streaming and broadcasting platforms with ease, with a modular video platform solution for driving your video processing, management, and provisioning workflows.

Our solution offers the right mix of build and buy, with managed and open-source services that eliminate setup, customization, and future development challenges. The cloud-based setup provides you the scalability of reaching millions of viewers without any worry.

Video Platform solution integrates the following solutions:

Video Platform integrates other solutions
!include ../Mosaic/Platform/mosaic-styles.iuml

  node {
    BackgroundColor $Color_White
    LineColor $Color_DarkBlue
    RoundCorner 20
    BackgroundColor $Color_LightGrey
    FontSize 10
    .firstlevel {
        RoundCorner 30
        BackgroundColor $Color_LightBlue
        FontSize 12
  rootNode {
    RoundCorner 30
    BackgroundColor $Color_LightBlue
    Padding 15
    LineThickness 3.0
    FontSize 14
  arrow {
    Linecolor $Color_DarkBlue

* Video Platform
** Content Management/ \n Asset Management <<firstlevel>>
*** Media Service
*** Catalog Service
*** Image Service
*** Translation Service
** Content Monetization <<firstlevel>>
*** Monetization Service
*** Billing Service
*** Entitlement Service
** Content Protection <<firstlevel>>
*** DRM Service
*** Encoding Service
** User/Personalization Service


Mosaic service portfolio for the Video Platform solution:

  • DRM - Protect your digital assets with a multi-DRM solution that can be implemented in the cloud or on-premise

  • Encoding - Ingest, encode/transcode videos utilizing technologies such as CMAF (DRM supported)

  • Media - Manage video assets and metadata for TV shows, movies, linear streams, etc.

  • Image - Ingest, query, preview, manage and transform images for editing and frontends

  • Translation - Manage languages and create translations for your digital media assets

  • Monetization - Create business models like AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, manage regions, pricing, and currencies

  • Entitlement - Manage content entitlement and rights of subscribers

  • Catalog - Manage and display catalogs of video assets such as TV show seasons, movie genres, etc., on frontend apps

  • Billing - Process TVOD, subscription transactions, and automatic billing through API and frontend integrations

  • User - Sign-up end-users with user authentication APIs for all your frontend apps

Customizable services contributing to the Video Platform (Media, Catalog, Entitlement) are delivered as a part of the OTT Template.