Axinom Mosaic is highly customizable and can match your exact needs. Use the base template and the OTT template to create services that matches your needs


Table of Contents

Templates provide a good starting point for your own development. They contain one or more Customizable Services together with everything you need to develop, build, and deploy your services. Read more about templates below or refer to the introduction article to get the overall picture of Mosaic.

Mosaic PlatformCore ServicesManaged ServicesCustomizable ServicesTemplatesBase TemplateOTT TemplateDevelopment Framework
Figure 1. Templates

Base Template

The most basic template, containing a minimal set of code to illustrate the Mosaic concepts. It provides a TODO-List Service - a very simple Service illustrating the main Mosaic concepts and development techniques.

OTT Template

A sample implementation of a possible OTT solution. (OTT - over-the-top - is a media service offered directly to the viewers via the Internet, bypassing cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.)

The OTT Template contains a number of Customizable Services:

  • Media Service - manage metadata for movies, TV shows, linear streams, etc. with integrated image and video workflows

  • Catalog Service - manage and expose catalogs of media entities, such as movies, TV shows, seasons, episodes, etc., for the frontend apps

  • Entitlement Service - provides entitlements for the video playback requests. The generated entitlement message can be exchanged for a valid DRM license by the Axinom DRM License Service