Mosaic Free Trial

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Discover everything you can do with Axinom Mosaic!

Get in the driver's seat and see what Mosaic can do for you. The 60-days trial period will allow you to use all Mosaic services and explore how you can transform your media and OTT projects.

What do you get during the trial?

  • Full access to all services which are part of Axinom Mosaic, including but not limited to:
    • Media, Catalog, Entitlement Service
    • Image, Monetization, Billing Service
    • User, Personalization Service
    • DRM Service
    • Encoding Service
  • Access to Axinom Portal including all Tools and Documentation
  • Access to Axinom Product Support for any issues and questions.

What limitations apply?

After the trial period (or any time during the trial period), you can upgrade to the production-grade agreement.

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