FAQ - Frequently asked questions - Find answers to common questions about Axinom Mosaic services

Browsers, clients and devices

Does Axinom DRM support playback on Mac and Windows PCs?

Yes. Axinom DRM can be used with virtually all DRM-capable players available. The decisive factor is the respective platform’s DRM support. For example, the Google Chrome browser supports Widevine DRM on Windows and Mac OS, whereas Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers support PlayReady on Windows. See an overview of DRM technologies supported by different platforms in the DRM Introduction

Does Axinom DRM support mobile devices, such as Android devices, iPad, and iPhone?

They are all supported. Android supports Widevine DRM (check ExoPlayer for Android), whereas iOS devices come with a built-in support for FairPlay Streaming (check Native iOS Player).

Widevine can also be used on iOS using iOS Widevine CDM.

Check video players for more information.

Can Axinom DRM be used with set-top boxes and connected TVs?

Yes. Set-top box and Connected TV manufacturers integrate support for DRM technologies into their devices more and more. The vast majority of devices support either Microsoft PlayReady or Google Widevine.

Do your players support offline playback?

Generally, yes. Our iOS and Android based players support download of DRM protected assets and offline playback. Our HTML5/JS based players will support this feature when the underlying browsers support it. At the point of writing this, it is not yet the case. However, support for offline playback is in the making at some browser manufacturers.

Can I use 3rd party players with Axinom DRM?

Yes. Axinom DRM does not impose restrictions on the use of 3rd party players. Check out our 3rd party player page. Among the players/SDKs we successfully tested are