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How to fix "The request data does not represent a valid Widevine request" error message?

If you receive the error "The request data does not represent a valid Widevine request" when using Axinom DRM with Widevine in the proxy mode, the request body might be transformed. Double check whether the proxy or some other component is doing the transformation. Try remove or bypass the proxy and see whether you get the same result. If the result is still the same, please contact product support for further help.

How to fix "License denied. Your device security level (Level3) is too low for any of the keys in the Entitlement Message" error message?

If you get the above error message, the widevine security level you are using in your token is not compatble in the device you are trying to play the content.As an example, the chrome browser on the desktops will only support widevine security level 3 (L3). So you won’t be able to try playback in a chrome browser with a token specifying L1 security level usage policy.