This sections helps to find a reason why your DRM integration didn't work as expected.

8. Troubleshooting

This article is a part of a DRM Quick Start Guide.

License Acquisition API / Status Codes

The License Service returns the following status codes (most frequent codes listed):

  • 200 (OK) - license successfully delivered.

  • 400 (Invalid license request) - request is not understood or is otherwise invalid.

  • 403 (License denied) - request is understood and generally valid, but current policy restrictions or other settings prevent a license from being delivered.

  • 500 (Internal error) - unexpected error. Contact Axinom.

PlayReady spec mandates 500 is returned in case of all errors. This means the error could be either client or server side. Further information is inside the Axinom error message header and the "fault string" of the PlayReady SOAP response.