Entitlement message instructs DRM license service to issue a DRM license. You have to create one before sending a license request. Here you learn to create a simplest entitlement message.

2. Create entitlement message

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When you request a DRM license from Axinom DRM License Service, you have to provide a so called Entitlement Message. An Entitlement Message is a JSON data structure that instructs Axinom DRM License Service to issue a DRM license and sets various license parameters, such as duration or security requirements.

The License Service, a multi-tenant managed service operated by Axinom, issues DRM Licenses in response to valid License Requests. It authorizes these requests based on user data, creates DRM License documents (with embedded Content Keys) in accordance with the employed DRM technology, and specifies the actions the user should be able to perform with the content.
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In the previous section, DRM Playback Tool generated an entitlement message automatically based on the known data about the test vectors. Now we will generate our own entitlement message.

A minimalistic version of an entitlement message looks like this:

Minimalistic Entitlement Message
    "type": "entitlement_message",
    "version": 2,
    "content_keys_source": {
        "inline": [
            "id": "11111111-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"

It tells the License Service to grant a license to one specific keyId (replace the id with the keyId used in your video).

you know the keyId when you generate a new protection key (see Protect a Video using Axinom Encoding).

An entitlement message is a complex data structure with plenty of options. See Entitlement Message for a full reference and License Service to understand how an entitlement message can be used to control behavior of the License Service.

We recommend to start with the Entitlement Message Tool. It shows all the various sections of the message, provides samples and auxillary tools.

Before you can send your entitlement message to the Axinom DRM License Service, you have to wrap it into an envelope called "Axinom License Service Message" and sign with your Communication Key.

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