Axinom DRM is a robust multi-DRM solution for your content protection needs. Documentation includes Concepts, API Reference, Technical articles, How-to, Downloads and tools

Welcome to Axinom DRM!

Axinom DRM is a robust multi-DRM service that provides a single, easy-to-use unified API, which works with Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay, and Google Widevine DRMs, and is compatible with all platforms, devices, and video players.

Approved by Hollywood studios, Axinom DRM meets the latest security standards for premium UHD 4K, live content, and video on demand (VOD), effectively combating piracy and protecting revenue. It supports both online and offline environments, providing robust DRM solutions for various scenarios. Customers benefit from a 99.999% SLA and 24/7 support, ensuring reliable and continuous service.

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Quick Start Guide

Core features

Axinom DRM provides:

  • 360° Degree Content Security - Supports hardware-backed DRM video protection of premium content with multi-key encryption of different content qualities and key rotation for both linear content and live streaming in all devices.

  • Maximum availability - Guarantees a maximum availability with a 99.999% SLA by running on globally distributed servers to enable license generation with the lowest latency.

  • Proven scalability - Axinom DRM auto-scales and has been performance tested to serve 100,000 DRM licenses per second to match peak demands while live streaming.

  • Configurable access control - Highly configurable to support device security level configurations, output protection, real-time expiration, device revocation, limiting concurrent streaming, and more.

  • Full platform support - Get going faster on the broadest range of devices. Smartphones (iOS and Android), smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, and more are natively supported.

  • Simplified integration - Offers extensive APIs to simplify integration with own or third-party systems and supports SPEKE 2.0 for straightforward integration with compliant encoders/packagers.

  • Pay as you grow - Offered as a cloud service with a pay as you grow approach. We take on the responsibility of updating the service with the latest Digital Rights Management tech and security features.


If you are new to the DRM topic, we recommend to start with the article What is DRM?.

General overview of a video platform
Figure 1. General overview of a video platform including DRM

For documentation specific on the on-board version of Axinom DRM (e.g. for usage on an aircraft/train/bus) see Axinom DRM On-board.


The main components of Axinom DRM are:

  • Axinom DRM License Service - issues DRM Licenses to end-user devices requesting playback of video streams. It supports all major DRM technologies, including: Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, and Microsoft PlayReady.

  • Axinom DRM Key Service - provides encryption keys (Content Keys) to packagers to encrypt media assets. For integration with 3rd party packaging/encryption software, it supports a variety of protocols for the exchange of generated keys, such as SPEKE and Widevine Common Encryption.

Axinom DRM integrates easily with a wide range of encoders/packagers and video players (both in browsers and on mobile devices).

Axinom DRM is a part of Mosaic Platform and can be used together with other Mosaic services, such as Encoding Service and Entitlement Service to cover the whole chain, from content acquisition to playback.


You can find some useful tools, such as Entitlement Message tool and DRM Video Playback tool, under Tools.


The service is billed, depending on your preference, on the number of issued DRM licenses or on the number of active users during a month.

See DRM Pricing and DRM Billing for more details.