Management Key is a secret generated when DRM credentials are acquired. If the key is lost, it cannot be recovered, but it can be reset via a support request.

Reset Management Key

This article explains how you can reset a DRM Management Key if you’ve lost one.

What is a Management Key?

Management Key is a secret generated for you when you acquire DRM credentials.

You need a management key to authorize access to the Management API. For this you have to supply an authorization header as shown below:

Authorization: Basic base64("TenantID:ManagementKey")

You also need a management key to see the other secrets in your DRM configuration, e.g. Communication Key.

DRM License Service and DRM Key Service each has its separate management key.

How is the management key stored?

As a management key is a secret (like a password), Axinom never stores it as-is. We only store its hash value. It means:

We cannot ever restore a management key!

The value of the management key is displayed to you when you acquire DRM credentials for the first time. The same value is also included in the PDF configuration file provided for you at the same time.

Store the value of the management key carefully, don’t let it leak and don’t lose it.

Lost your management key - what to do?

Should you lose your management key, Aixnom cannot restore the value and send to you, but we can reset the management key, i.e., generate a new value.

This operation is safe, in a sense that it has no impact on the content protected before. Also no other DRM configuration data is affected.

If you shared the management key with other people and then asked to reset the key, the old key will stop working for everyone.

To reset your management key:

  1. Raise a support request stating your wish to reset the management key. Provide the following:

    1. DRM Tenant ID for which the reset is required

    2. Whether you need a reset for the License Service, Key Service, or both

  2. Axinom enables an option for you to reset the management key

  3. Go to My Mosaic / DRM and click now available reset-button:

    reset button appeared
  4. Portal generates a new management key and displays it

  5. Store the value of the management key securely and don’t lose it again.

If you need any further assistance, ask Axinom Support.