Your fast track to learn Axinom DRM and integrate it to your solution.

Quick Start

Once you’ve read the introductionary article and created your DRM configuration under My Mosaic, you are ready to try out Axinom DRM and Axinom Encoding yourself.

Figure 1. Video Platform Overview

In this guide, you will run through the most typical tasks related to video protection and playback.

In the steps below you will need various pieces of your DRM configuration, such as a Communication Key and Communication Key ID. Make sure you acquired DRM credentials under My Mosaic before you start.

1. Play an existing DRM-protected video

Let’s start with an easy one: You have a DRM-protected video. How to play it?

We have prepared some videos already protected with DRM, and we will show what you need to play them (for testing purpose).

2. Create an Entitlement Message

In the first section, DRM Playback Tool generated an entitlement message for you automatically based on the known data about the test vectors. Now we will generate our own entitlement message. It is a JSON data structure that instructs Axinom DRM License Service to issue a DRM license and sets various license parameters, such as duration or security requirements.

3. Create and Sign a License Service Message ("JWT")

Before you can send an Entitlement Message to the License Service, you have to wrap it into a so called License Service Message and make a signed JWT token out of it.

4. Encode a video using Axinom Encoding

Now you need to learn to protect your videos. First, we will learn how to encode videos using Axinom Encoding. In a later step, we will apply protection as an additional step during encoding. Instead of Axinom Encoding, you can use any other video encoder, the general principles remain the same.

5. Protect a video using Axinom Encoding and Axinom Key Service

Once you can encode a video, you can add DRM protection as an additional step. The necessary protection keys will be provided by Axinom DRM Key Service.

6. Protect a video using a third-party encoder

Instead of Axinom Encoding, you can use any video encoding service on the market. You can integrate Axinom Key Service using one of the supported protocols.

7. Integrate a video player

The final step is a video player that will play your DRM-protected video. You have to configure the player to connect to the Axinom DRM License Service to acquire a DRM license enabling playback.

8. Troubleshooting

If something goes wrong with your DRM integration, check this page, and maybe an issue is quickly resolved.

What’s next?

You have successfully completed the quick start guide - congratulations!

To learn more of Axinom DRM and Axinom Encoding explore our documentation, try out our tools and should you have any further questions contact our support.