Signing an agreement with Axinom means that a service level applies. Find out what the standard service agreement offers you.

Service Level

When you sign a Products Licensing Agreement with Axinom, you are guaranteed a certain Service Level (SLA). This agreement applies to all services provided by Axinom. The SLA includes:

  • Service availability: 99.99% (for Axinom DRM - 99.999%)

  • Incident response time: 1 h (for Axinom DRM - 15 min)

  • Error correction time: 8 h (for Axinom DRM - 2 h)

  • Service monitoring: 24/7/365

  • 24/7/365 emergency support (phone number and email address)

  • Ticketing solution with a self-service support portal


Hypercare takes the service even further. It is a good option in case you have a very important event coming up and want to ensure the best performance. If you opt for Hypercare, you will have one of our senior support engineers standing by during your event and taking part in online communications, e.g. via Slack, Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, etc. This way, the engineers can react quickly if anything goes wrong.

To book hypercare service, please raise a Support Request.

Axinom DRM Service Level

For Axinom DRM we are happy to offer even better Service Level Objectives:

  • Service availability: 99.999%

  • Incident response time: 15 min

  • Error correction time: 2 h

Low Latency Requests

For Axinom DRM there is an additional Service Level Indicator:

  • Low Latency Requests: 99.9%

This means, for at least 99.9% of all license requests their processing on the license server will take no more than 250ms (low latency).

Guaranteed Capacity

The service performance depends on the current load of the service. Our guarantees for the Service Level Inidicators Availability and Low Latency Requests apply as long as the current load does not exceed the agreed Guaranteed Capacity. For the times when the current load exceeds the Guaranteed Capacity the service operates on best effort basis.

The default Guaranteed Capacity is 50 requests per second (RPS) for each DRM technology. (For information: a constant load of 50 RPS means ~130 Mio requests per month.)

If the service usage goes up and down slowly, the auto-scaling capability of Axinom DRM can handle the load reasonably well and shall adjust the service capacity as required.

If you count with higher load, you can always book additional Guaranteed Capacity (in 100 RPS increments). If the high load is permanent, this booking can be per month. If it is peak load (e.g. in case of events, if large audiences are trying to watch the event at the same time and thousands of DRM requests arrive every second), you can book per day. See Pricing. You do not have to determine your capacity when first signing the agreement as you can do it anytime, once the need arises and 50 DRM licenses per second is not sufficient to meet your needs.

For big live events with expected spikes in usage, we recommend to purchase 0.5% of the expected maximum number of parallel streams as additional Guaranteed Capacity. Booking such capacity upfront is useful because we can then prepare and ensure that the service has more than enough capacity.


  • The expected maximum number of parallel streams for your big live event: 1 million

  • 0.5% of 1 million is 5,000 - purchase 5,000 DRM licenses per second as the Guaranteed Capacity

  • Check the prices of additional guaranteed capacity from the price calculator.

For big live events we also recommend our Hypercare service.

DRM Tools in Axinom Portal

In addition to the service level guarantees, Axinom Portal provides a rich tool set to support developers. Here you can find tools for analyzing logs, debugging network traffic, creating DRM license requests. Check Tools, Logs, Errors.