Image extraction and thumbnails generation are a phase of encoding. Learn how the Encoding Service extracts frames from the video stream

Image Extraction Phase

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This section enables image (frames snapshots) extraction from video. Use this feature to generate preview images in your content catalogue, for example.

    "ImageExtraction": {
        "Quality": 100,
        "Intervals": [15, 25, 82],
        "Pattern": "preview_%.jpg",
        "Location": {
            "Provider": "Ftps",
            "UriPath": "ftpes://",
            "CredentialsName": "PLAINTEXT_USER",
            "CredentialsSecret": "ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD",
            "CredentialsProtection": "Encrypted"
Property Description Use Case Required?


The quality level of an extracted image. From 1 to 100.

Use this property to configure the quality of extracted images.



A list of point-in-time places in video where to take a snapshot at. This value is in percentages.

Use this property to specify where to take snapshots. For example, one in the beginning, one in the middle, and one in the end.



Output images naming. You need to use % to get a number of the image. For example: if you have 3 intervals defined with the pattern preview_%.jpg, then you get three images: preview_1.jpg, preview_2.jpg and preview_3.jpg




A location where to put the extracted images. Same format as with ContentAcquisition or ContentPublishing. See storage providers for more details.



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