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From this section, you can find documentation about Axinom’s Digital Right Management (DRM) software. The articles are divided into the following categories:

  • General - introductions and high-level concepts as well as glossary

  • License Service - documentation related to Axinom DRM License Service

  • Key Service - documentation related to Axinom DRM Key Service

  • Players - links to players that integrate with Axinom DRM

  • Developer Quick Start Guide - practical instructions related to setting up Axinom DRM

  • Technical Articles - specific reference articles

  • Downloads & Tools - useful tools and code samples; note that the Tools section also contains several useful tools, such as the base64 encoder and entitlement message generator.

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New Articles

These are the most recently published new articles in Portal:

Video Distribution System Overview

For a general overview of the video distribution system, take a look at this diagram:

General overview of a video distribution system
Figure 1. General overview of a video distribution system