Axinom Mosaic is a very versatile solution that can be customized exactly according to your needs. Customizable services are provided in the source code and delivered as a part of templates. Learn about them here.

Customizable Services

Customizable Services are Services that are provided by Axinom in source code and licensed under an open-source license. They are one type of Mosaic services. For a general overview of Mosaic, refer to the introduction article. Axinom partners and customers can use them as-is or further customize to adapt to specific requirements (hence, "customizable"). Customizable Services are delivered as a part of one of templates, such as Mosaic Media Template.

Some services can be used stand-alone. Others are a part of a bigger solution. The table below refers to the respective solutions. It also specifies, as a part of which template the service is available.

Table 1. List of Customizable Services
Service Description Used in Solutions Available in Template

Media Service

Manage video assets and metadata for TV shows, movies, linear streams, etc., with integrated image and video workflows.

Video Platform, Content Management

Mosaic Media Template

Catalog Service

Expose catalogs of media entities such as movies, TV shows, seasons, episodes, etc., for the frontend apps.

Video Platform, Content Management

Mosaic Media Template

Entitlement Service

Provides entitlements for the video playback requests. The generated entitlement message can be exchanged for a valid DRM license by the Axinom DRM License Service

Video Platform, Content Monetization, Content Protection

Mosaic Media Template

Content Set Service

Create and manage sets of TV shows, movies, linear channels, shop content for vessels, fleets, etc.

On-Board Entertainment, On-Board Connectivity

Coming soon

Fleet Service

Target content sets, data, and service packages to a vessel (such as aircraft, train, bus) or fleet of vessels

On-Board Entertainment, Digital Cabin, On-Board Connectivity, Data Transfer and Sync, Fleet Management

Coming soon

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