Ingest, query, preview, manage and transform images for editing and frontends

Image Service

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Image Service is a Mosaic Managed Service. Its purpose is to manage images and transform them into the formats requested by the client applications. Images can be uploaded to the Image Service via its GraphQL API or fetched by the Image Service from an external storage. Images can be assigned an Image Type, interpreted by the client applications, and tagged with arbitrary tags.

Once in the Image Service, the images can be requested in any format, including:

  • image resolution (width, height)

  • focal point

  • image format (JPEG, PNG, WebP)

Using a CDN, it is possible to drastically reduce traffic to the Image Service by storing the transformation results on the edge servers near the customers. Image Service comes with a Micro-Frontend for managing and uploading images. It plugs seamlessly into the Management System where it can be used together with other Mosaic Services. Image Service exposes frontend extensions that any other Mosaic Service can use to render an image preview and to select an image.