The Axinom Mosaic platform includes the Image Service that allows to upload and manage images. Set up the ingest functionality or the option to upload images from a pre-defined blob storage.

Setup Image Service


By default, the Image Service is already set up to allow uploading and managing images. However, you have to configure an Acquisition Profile if you wish to use the Ingest functionality with images or programmatically upload images from a pre-defined blob storage using the RabbitMQ EnsureImageExists command.

To configure the required acquisition settings in the Management System, open your Management System UI in a web browser. From the home screen, navigate to Settings / Image Service Settings / Acquisition:

Figure 1. Image acquisition under Settings

Acquisition Profile

Image acquisition profile defines the following properties:

Table 1. Properties common for every storage provider
Property Description


A human-readable profile identifier

Storage Provider

The storage provider type (see below)

Root Path

An optional value that is used to define a sub-folder from which the images should be downloaded. If no value is specified, the images are acquired from the root storage location. If a value is specified, it must be a single folder name or a path, e.g folderName/anotherFolder. In this example, the images are acquired relatively to this folder.

Image service supports multiple Storage Providers (depending on the selected storage provider there are additional configuration options):

  • Mosaic Hosting Service - Azure

  • Azure Storage

  • AWS

We recommend to create your storage using Mosaic Hosting Service.

Mosaic Hosting Service

The easiest way to set up an image acquisition profile is to use Mosaic Hosting Service Storage as the storage provider.

In this case, all you need to specifiy is the container and optionally the root path. Mosaic Storage comes with a default container names image-sources specifically for this purpose.

Acquisition Profile / Mosaic Hosting Service Azure
Figure 2. Example Acquisition Profile / Mosaic Hosting Service Azure

Azure Storage

You can use any Azure Storage Account by specifying its account name and key.

Table 2. Azure Storage specific properties
Property Description

Storage Account Name

The username/account name

Storage Account Key

The corresponding password/access key for the storage account above.

Container Name

Which storage container to use. A Storage Account can have multiple Containers used for different purpose, e.g. source-images

Acquisition Profile / Azure
Figure 3. Example Acquisition Profile / Azure


You can use any AWS S3 bucket by specifying the access key.

See also: Storage with AWS.

Table 3. AWS specific properties
Property Description

Access Key Id

Access Key Id

Access Key

The corresponding password/access key.

Bucket name

Which bucket to use. Multiple buckets can be accessible with the same access key for different purpose. Similar to Azure Containers.


AWS Region to use for data storage.

Acquisition Profile / AWS
Figure 4. Example Acquisition Profile / AWS

Image Upload Webhook

Image Service supports a webhook to validate the image metadata before it is uploaded to the service (see Image Service / Webhook for more details).

To configure a webhook, go to the Admin Portal, select the environment, and then the Image Service. Select the "Image Upload" and proivde the URL for the webhook.

Image Service Webhook Settings
Figure 5. Image service settings

For more information on how to implement a webhook securely, please refer to the Webhooks article.