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VOD-to-Live Service


The VOD-to-Live Service is an open source service provided as an optional component for organizations and developers who want to get started with FAST Channels quickly. It can be used as an orchestration service to implement 3rd party integrations required to publish Mosaic Channels as publicly available FAST channels due to the abstract nature of its design.

The Channel Service and the Catalog Service integrate with the VOD-to-Live Service via messaging. Additionally, it may also call Key Service APIs if DRM protection is enabled.

Following is the high-level sequence of the VOD-to-Live service.

ContentManagerVideoChannelVOD-to-LiveLiveEncoderSSAIServiceMessageStoreCatalog«Listen»«Listen»Define cue pointsCreate channelsPublish channelNotify channel creationChannelcreationeventCreate live streamStream URLCreate Ad combined streamAd combined stream URLPublish stream dataStream URLUpdatecatalogCreate playlistsPublish playlistNotify playlist creationPlaylistcreationeventUpdate live stream     Managed Services  Customised Services 3rd Party Internal

Reference Implementation

You can find a reference implementation of the VOD-to-Live Service in the Mosaic Media Template. This implementation uses USP Virtual Channels as the live encoder and Ad Insertion Platform for server-side ad insertion. Please note that this is only a demonstrative implementation and not recommended for production use as is. If you want to replace the default implementation with your own live encoding partner or SSAI partner, please refer to the README in our GitHub repo.

Data Model

The reference implementation of the VOD-to-Live Service does not use a database or persistent storage.


There are no UI-based workflows for the reference implementation of the VOD-to-Live Service at the moment.


The VOD-to-Live Service is open source. Anybody with the required technical expertise can leverage this free of charge.