Create business models like AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, manage regions, pricing, and currencies

Monetization Service

Create business models like AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, pricing, and currencies.


Monetization Service is a managed multi-tenant service that maintains the data about the available Subscription Plans and Payment Plans. It provides GUI for management and publishing of the data consumed by other services.

Monetization Service is the managing part of the Content Monetization solution.

Data Model

The Data Model is the same for the whole Content Monetization Solution.

Monetization Services owns all the data and stores in its database.


Monetization Service provides management and publishing workflows for all entities. The workflows are available from the Management System once the service is activated for a specific environment.

Monetizatiion Services uses:



Monetization Service manages all the entities and publishes them using an events pattern (see Messaging). Payment Plans are published together with their SubscriptionPlans. Bundles and Claim Sets can be published independently.

Other services (such as Billing/Entitlement/Catalog) are expected to subscribe to the publish events of the entities they are interested in.

The following events are emitted by the Monetization Service during publishing:

Event Parameters


Subscription plan incl. Payment Plans and references to the Claim Sets and Bundles


Claim Set incl. its claims


Claim Set Key


Bundle incl. references to the included entities


Bundle Key

The payload of all events is defined using a JSON schema.


Monetization Service implements the following commands:

Command Purpose Parameters Comment


Enable service

tenant_id, environment_id

Standard Mosaic event


Disable service

tenant_id, environment_id

Standard Mosaic event


Configure claims

Claim definition schema


Configure payment providers

List of payment providers

As a result of each command the services emits either a "finished" (success) or a "failed" event.

The payload of all commands is defined using a JSON schema.


The service exposes a standard set of GraphQL methods for all its operations. These endpoints are used by the GUI workflows, but can also be used for integration purpose.

Authentication & Authorization

Monetization Service is a managed service. All communication to it requires a JWT bearer token issued by the Admin Service.


The following items can be configured for the Monetization Service in the Mosaic Admin Portal:

  • List of Payment Providers


The service fee follows the tiered model depending on the number of maintained Subscription Plans. See Mosaic Pricing for more details.