Build your own version of the customizable services and deploy them to Axinom Mosaic


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With Axinom Mosaic Development Framework you can build your own Mosaic Services. You can take any of the Customizable Services as a starting point and customize, or you can start from scratch. In any case, you can run your custom services on Axinom side taking advantage of the Hosting Service.

As a part of the Hosting Service you can also get a managed storage account, that you can use, for example, as an input and/or an output storage for the videos and images.


Hosting Service provides a Storage Account (in Microsoft Azure) for each Environment. You have to explicitly activate the Hosting Service on the respective environment first and enable storage for the environment. You can manage storage containers and copy configuration details without leaving Mosaic. You can use this storage in other Mosaic Services, such as Encoding Service.

To upload files to your Storage Account we recommend Azure Storage Explorer.


See the prices under Mosaic Pricing.

There are three hosting plans available:

  • Development

  • Standard

  • Enterprise.

Standard plan is the recommended one in most cases.

Development plan is technically the same as Standard, but without an SLA and hence not suitable for production use.

Enterprise provides more capacity and performance for an enterprise system under load. It is tailored for your needs. Contact us for more details.

For the consumed storage and for the outgoing traffic prices for the Cloud Services additionally apply: link:/mosaic/pricing#cloud.