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Storage with Mosaic Hosting Service

With the Mosaic Hosting Service you can create a Storage Account for use with various other Mosaic Services (and outside of Axinom Mosaic).

To create a Storage Account follow these steps:

  • Go to the Admin Portal (

  • Select an environment and enable the "Hosting Service" for this environment (every environment can have its own Storage Account)

  • Go to Service Configuration / Hosting Service / Configurations and activate "Storage Enabled" switch.

  • Go to Service Configuration / Hosting Service / Storage

  • A Storage Account for you is now created (it may take a few seconds)

  • You can copy a connection string and use it in external tools, e.g. Azure Storage Explorer, to access the storage

  • Go to "Containers". Here you can create storage containers and define their main properties (e.g. if a public access is allowed).
    By default, three containers will get created that could be used in other Mosaic services:

Chapters below describe how to get the necessary configuration details.

Connection string, account name, account key

When the storage account is created, you can copy the connection string to use in Azure Storage Explorer and other services, to access the storage.

Connection String

Connection string example:


As you see, a connection string contains both the account name and account key. The account name is also visible on the station Service Configuration / Hosting Service / Storage.

SAS token

Some services use SAS tokens (Shared Access Signature) to access storage. SAS tokens can be generated for each container. Go to Service Configuration / Hosting Service / Storage / Containers / container-name.


Click "SAS (list) Token":

SAS Token Generation

Click "Generate SAS token", and you will be able to copy the newly generated SAS token and the SAS URI.

This token only enables the "list" permission and can be used with the Mosaic Video Service.