Axinom Mosaic solution includes some standard managed services that are provided as cloud services. Find out which services come with Mosaic.

Managed Services

This article covers the Managed Services. For an overall description of Mosaic, refer to the introduction article. Managed services are the standard Mosaic services that are provided as cloud services, covering all major steps of your digital workflows. They can be integrated into customizable services to provide their standardized capabilities.

Mosaic comes with the following Managed Services:

Mosaic PlatformCore ServicesManaged ServicesDRM ServiceEncoding ServiceImage ServiceUser ServiceOn-Board CloudSync ServiceDelivery Set ServicePersonalization ServiceMonetization ServiceBilling ServiceTranslation ServiceCustomizable ServicesTemplatesDevelopment Framework
Figure 1. Managed Services

Services for Media

The below services are designed to support typical OTT (Over-the-top) streaming solutions. However, you can use individual services where they fit.

DRM Service

Protect your digital video assets with a multi-DRM solution that can be implemented on cloud or on premise.

Axinom DRM is a scalable, robust, and globally distributed set of services. These services enable customers to securely manage content encryption keys and protect media with the world’s leading DRM technologies.

See DRM documentation for further details.

Encoding Service

Ingest, encode/transcode videos utilizing technologies such as CMAF, protect using DRM.

See Encoding documentation for further details.

Image Service

Ingest, query, preview, manage and transform images for editing and frontends.

Images are uploaded or ingested into the system. The service enables other services to use the stored images. In addition, it provides APIs to enable end-user-facing applications to dynamically transform and retrieve images.

See Image Service documentation for further details.

Monetization Service

Create business models like AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, pricing, and currencies.

See Monetization Service documentation for further details.

User Service

Sign up end users with user authentication APIs for all your frontend apps.

See User Service documentation for further details.

Personalization Service

Maintain user-specific data like profile, settings, favorites, watch-progress, etc.

See Personalization Service documentation for further details.

Billing Service

Process subscription transactions, TVOD purchases, and automatic billing through API and frontend integrations.

The following payment providers are supported out of the box:

  • PayPal

  • Google in-app purchases

  • Apple in-app purchases

Other providers can also be integrated using extension points.

See Billing Service documentation for further details.

Translation Service

Manage languages and create translations for your digital media assets.

See Translation Service documentation for further details.

Services for Transportation

On-Board Cloud Service

Manage, deploy, and integrate software services and content on board a transport vessel.

On-Board Cloud is designed to provide full set of tools to build and deploy software services to any isolated vessel - aircraft, bus, train, car etc. The system enables both: to manage software services as well as associate them with respective content. Software and content are installed on board remotely and independently. The software services deployed by On-Board Cloud can serve different business scenarios from entertainment to crew, cargo, maintenance.

Sync Service

Securely synchronize content and service data between on ground and on board servers with standardized protocols and channels.

Important features of the Sync Service are incremental updates, support for different channels, prioritization, encryption. Sync service also cares for transferring logs and metrics collected on-board back to ground.

Continue reading about Mosaic Customizable Services or Core Services that are necessary for any setup.

Delivery Set Service

Delivery Set service enable management of all Software Packages and Content Volumes ingested to the system, for example to tag, to publish, to archive.